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Birutė Miškinienė, PhD Prof. Saulė Mačiukaitė-Žvinienė, PhD "Anyone who wants to power the changes, to accelerate an innovative idea can make an excellent start at studying DeepTech Entrepreneurship programme at Vilnius University Business School.

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It is the MSc programme that blends academic knowledge, startup accelerator, venture builder skills and unique experience to prepare the next generation of technology entrepreneurship. It is a pack for tomorrows entrepreneurs.

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Students learn how to become noticed in this world, how to make their ideas pass, to define opportunities and obstacles for innovation, to run a start up or re-load a business. Students will develop effective entrepreneurship techniques, learn how to merge science and business and become frontiers of the future prosperity.

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Throughout the process, the teams are assisted by academic and business mentors and have advantage to test their ideas at BIC of CERN technologies, to pitch their ideas to investors and global hackathons. Vilnius University Business School in cooperation with CERN, scientists of physics and mathematics open a new page in the higher education system by transforming traditional mindsets and creating a new culture of business, technology and leadership.

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This is the programme where I believe the future unicorns will start their long, but exciting journey. And Vilnius University is the place where value-driven innovation culture combines fundamentals drep credit entrepreneurship and technology pioneered solutions.

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Christoph Schäfer, PhD The European Centre for Nuclear Research CERN was founded in and its mission is to explore and understand the elementary particles and their interactions on which our universe is built upon. Drep credit, CERN is fully dedicated to fundamental research, and in order to pursue it, CERN makes intensive use of applied science needed in the conception, construction and operation of one of the automatizuotos prekybos sistemos sukūrimas experimental apparatus scientists have ever done their experiments with.

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The technological impact from fundamental research on the other hand is harder to see, yet no less impacting. The important difference between fundamental research and applied science is that pursuing fundamental research is without any specific purpose other than simple curiosity and understanding, whereas applied science always has a tangible goal.

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Because only without a tangible goal in mind, fundamental research teaches us things that are beyond our imagination, by simply presenting it to us.

Today every smartphone depends on knowledge about quantum mechanics and general relativity, something famous scientists like Max Planck or Albert Einstein would never have imagined.

Bloomin' love you' Giovanna Fletcher 'You're hilarious. Laura Belbin survived hitting her thirties oh, to be wrinkle-free againdrep credit justmotherhood two adorable little shits and the new body that went with it a left tit that sags slightly more than the right, anyone? Full of heart and wit - not to mention swearing that would make a sailor blush - this is the beast of a book Laura intends on riding into the hands of those people who doubt themselves every single day: the ones who have struggled to accept the way they look; the mums-to-be about to find themselves taking their first step towards parenthood; and the women bossing it like badasses every single day but never getting the credit they deserve. You are more than enough.

So disruptive innovation depends on fundamental research, even if the timeline spans decades or even a century to achieve. As monetisation of technology in its early stage can be difficult to predict, participants also need to build use cases and define the value drep credit participating in them before developing business models.

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Deep tech entrepreneurship plays a central role in the development of new scientific discoveries and their transfer to commercial applications. That's a very ambitious programme having access to CERN.

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